The Moy Ridgepool & Salmon Weir, Ballina, Co Mayo, Ireland

Special Communion and Confirmation Celebration

The long awaited First Holy Communion and Confirmation has finally arrived.   There’s no longer a need for all the lovely outfits to remain hidden, white satin shoes and colourful silk ties can now be put to great use. Our team at the Ballina Manor Hotel are ecstatic to welcome you back with open safe arms so you can enjoy and celebrate your special day with luxury and family fun. 

Celebrate your Communion or Confirmation in your own special way, enjoy a divine family meal in our very own Ridgepool Restaurant or avail of a deluxe private event room to accommodate larger parties. You may even choose to extend your event and treat your visit as a ‘staycation’ and discover what amazing things Ballina has to offer.  Our team will happily suggest family friendly activities that can be explored in the gorgeous town of Ballina. 

Things To Do

We are always looking out for our guests, the Ballina Manor Hotel team have extensively prepared and organised our hotel to accommodate your precious celebrations whilst also prioritising your safety with our newly implemented Covid-19 friendly measures. 

Traditionally, the first Holy Communion and Confirmation are huge milestones in the lives of Irish children and young adults. Here in Ballina Manor Hotel we understand the importance of celebrating this event with elegance, authenticity and family fun. We aim to provide both luxury and family enjoyment to accentuate your special day.

The Ballina Manor Hotel is an ideal location to celebrate your Communion or Confirmation as we promise the perfect combination of a premium and family friendly experience.  The Ridgepool Restaurant provides guests with premium views of the Moy River with affordable fine dining experiences, which is ideal for events of small or large parties 

If you wish to learn more on how we can make your Communion or Confirmation day unique call our team on +353 (0)96 80900 or email